Baby Shower

Future Mom, we propose to share a friendly moment with your friends, and to create on this occasion your supports of memories of baby, as well as fashion material that will be useful to you and your baby!

For example, you can create the baby's stuff : Sewing )diaper pocket, bottle holder, changing bag, teat hook, nomadic changing bag, ...), Scrapbooking (create the baby's birth album through a project scrap collective), or even creat Jewelry for the mom !

        • How long?      2h30
        • When?           Whenever you want!
        • Where?         At the Studio or at your Home
        • How much?   $45/pers.
        • This is it?       Check our Menu to make this moment magic and unforgatable! 

Bridal Parties

Soon to be bride ! Mes Petits Ateliers Houston, offers you and your friends an unforgettable evening in our workshop or at your home. 
Creativity and conviviality guaranteed for your Bridal Party !

These Workshops, dedicated to the young lady, are offered wekkdays or weekends, whenever you want !

Some workshop ideas:

  • Jewelry sets: the oppostunity to create jewerly that will ressemble you and that will be abble to crimp the bride, as well as her friends.
  • Small Ceremonial Bags: you can create your own purse for you and your bridesmaides, in order to have close to you, personal affaires during your event.
  • Flowers Bracelets: creat wrist bracelets in bloom
  • Scrapbooking: the most beautiful memories of the bride and the wedding, are highlighted in a book, through their favorite memories in photos, which you can gather for this occasion. The wedding book will be customized to highlight these beautiful times !
  • Organic Cosmetics: we greate together cosmetics such as scurbs, gloss or even sun powders for examples
  • & More... Possibilities are endless...

        • How long?      2h30
        • When?           Whenever you want!
        • Where?         At the Studio or at your Home
        • How much?   $45/pers.
        • This is it?       Check our Menu to make this moment magic and unforgatable!